New & Notable Current Reports Filed with the SEC for Wednesday Nov 14, 2018

Here are the new Current Reports filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission yesterday that we are reviewing with our morning coffee:

Current Reports Disclosing Bankruptcy or Receivership (Item 1.03)
Dex Liquidating Co.

Current Reports Disclosing a Triggering Event That Accelerates or Increases a Financial Obligation (Item 2.04)

Current Reports Disclosing a Material Impairment (Item 2.06)

Current Reports Disclosing a Notice of Delisting or Related Event (Item 3.01)
India Globalization Capital, Inc.

SilverSun Technologies, Inc.

RXi Pharmaceuticals Corp

Current Reports Regarding Non-Reliance on Previously Issued Financial Statements (Item 4.02)
Customers Bancorp, Inc.

Teligent, Inc.

Flitways Technology Inc.

Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions Inc.


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