Bankruptcy & Restructuring News Headlines for Tuesday Dec 5, 2023

Here's what we are reading this morning:

Binance Copped a $4 Billion Plea but Is Still Fighting the SEC - WSJ: Prosecutors and the Treasury Department had more leverage to get a settlement with the cryptocurrency exchange.

Supreme Court Appears Split Over Opioid Settlement for Purdue Pharma - The New York Times: The justices’ questions reflected the tension between the practical effect of unraveling the settlement and broader concerns about whether the Sacklers should be granted such wide-ranging immunity.

Why residential conversions can’t save commercial real estate | Fortune: Despite return-to-office mandates, occupancy still suffers from a high vacancy rate of 13.3%.

Spotify to Cut 1,500 Jobs in Third Round of Layoffs this Year - The New York Times: The music streaming service has expanded into podcasting and audiobooks but found it difficult to turn a consistent profit.

Oral Argument - Audio | Supreme Court of the United States: Harrington v. Purdue Pharma L.P.; Docket Number: 23-124; Date Argued: 12/04/23

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