Bankruptcy & Restructuring News Headlines for Monday Jan 30, 2023

Here's what we are reading this morning:

Bed Bath & Beyond Struggles to Avoid Liquidation: Facing a cash crunch, with its access to credit frozen and inventory low, the home-goods retailer’s options to restructure its business are narrowing.

Bed Bath & Beyond makes desperate move while teetering toward bankruptcy: Source: A source told Yahoo Finance the company informed workers on Thursday that all of its Harmon brand stores would be closed as the embattled retailer continues on its downward trend.

SBF's Mom, Caroline Ellison Aren't Cooperating in Bankruptcy Probe: Lawyers: In particular, former Alameda CEO Caroline Ellison and FTX co-founder Gary Wang have declined to give FTX's lawyers requested information.

The Block: Prosecutor seek to restrict Bankman-Fried's bail terms after apparent attempts to influence witnesses: Former FTX founder and CEO Sam Bankman-Fried appears to have attempted to influence a witness in the case looking into the exchange’s collapse, prosecutors said in a letter to the court.

British Airline, Flybe, Collapses a Second Time - The New York Times: Flybe, once the largest independent regional airline in Europe, canceled all flights on Saturday. A new owner failed to save the carrier, which was already struggling when the pandemic hit.

Commercial Real Estate in Crisis: Evidence from Transaction-Level Data | IMF Working Papers: During the past two decades, the commercial real estate (CRE) market has been impacted by major disruptions, including the global financial crisis and the Covid-19 pandemic. Using granular data from the U.S., we document how these crises have unfolded and elaborate on the role of heterogeneity and underlying shocks. Both a set of reduced-form approaches and a structural framework suggest a prominent role for demand-side local factors in the short run, along with significant shifts in preferences during crisis episodes. However, valuations become more closely linked to macro-financial factors over the long term. A one-standard deviation tightening in financial conditions is associated with a drop of about 3% in CRE prices in the following quarter, with a stronger impact on the retail sector and milder effects in states where household indebtedness is lower.

Bed Bath & Beyond Stores Empty Out Ahead of Looming Bankruptcy: Empty shelves. Dated merchandise. Sparsely populated stores. That was the scene in Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. locations across the US as the once-mighty home goods chain blazes toward bankruptcy in what could be the largest US retail collapse since Toys “R” Us.

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