Bankruptcy & Restructuring News Headlines for Friday Nov 5, 2021

Here's what we are reading this morning:

From Wheat to Vegetable Oils, Food Prices Climb 3% Near Record High - Bloomberg: A United Nations index tracking staples from wheat to vegetable oils climbed 3% to a fresh decade high in October, threatening even higher grocery bills for households that have already been strained by the pandemic. That could also add to central banks’ inflation worries and risks worsening global hunger that’s at a multiyear high.

Wayfair's sales fall nearly 20% as consumers shift spending | Retail Dive: The retailer benefited from selling online and in an in-demand category during the pandemic. But it may be at a disadvantage as shoppers return to stores.

Hertz Will Have to Wait for Teslas, Just Like Other Buyers - WSJ: Hertz is in talks to finalize details of an order for 100,000 Teslas, but it will have to pay full price and wait for delivery.

Gym Franchises Still Face Cash Crunch Even as Pandemic Abates - WSJ: 24 Hour Fitness Worldwide, Inc. and Equinox Holdings Inc. are pursuing out-of-the-box ways to raise cash from investors, as the gym franchises manage through a prolonged downturn catalyzed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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