News Headlines for Feb 21, 2018

E-Commerce Retail Sales as a Percent of Total Sales | FRED | St. Louis Fed

,Advance Real Retail and Food Services Sales | FRED | St. Louis Fed

,Eleventh Circuit Follows Ninth Circuit in Awarding Appellate Fees for Automatic Stay Violation | Robins Kaplan LLP

,How Low Will Retail Go? Look at the Railroad – Bloomberg

,Gap Inc. Announces Departure of Gap Brand President | Business Wire

,Omaha World-Herald eliminates 43 jobs, makes changes to newspaper

,Rent-A-Wreck Bankruptcy Case Is Tossed Out – WSJ

,Reports: SEG plans bankruptcy

,Bi-Lo may file Chapter 11 – The Produce News

,Tops filing ‘not the end of the world’ – Buffalo – Buffalo Business First