News Headlines for Feb 8, 2018

Kerrisdale Capital Statement on its Short Position in Eastman Kodak Company (KODK)

,Scurria’s Take: Charlotte Russe Lenders Complete Painless Restructuring – WSJ

,New podcast offers a throwback for much of the bankruptcy community to when Blockbuster went bust

,Judge Clears Sale of Bankrupt Arizona Hospital – WSJ

,Wedbush analysts: Mattress Firm could close 600-1,000 stores in 2018, file for bankruptcy, or sell to private equity at a “fire sale” price

,Unpacking and its Prime economy

,Tesla Model 3, Elon Musk’s Grail, Remains a Costly Pursuit – The New York Times

,How’s manufacturing? : Depends on the sector| FRED Blog

,[ Press Release ] Fitch: Puerto Rico Ruling Could Have Wide-Ranging Impact on Municipal Debt

,Bitcoin on Credit? For 20 Percent of Owners, That’s a Yes – Bloomberg

,Cryptocurrencies Are Like Ponzi Schemes, World Bank Chief Says – Bloomberg