News Headlines for Feb 6, 2018

The Amazon Squeeze: You Choking Yet? – The Robin Report

,U.S. Farmers Are Producing Too Much Food. Here’s Why They Can’t Stop – Real Time Economics – WSJ

,Cash-Strapped Chinese Giant Taps a New Money Source: Its Workers – The New York Times

,Gibson Makes $16.6 Million Interest Payment to Bondholders – WSJ

,Chaos at Newsweek: Top editors suddenly out – Feb. 5, 2018

,Will It Be A Smooth Drive Or A Bumpy Road For The Automotive Industry In 2018?

,The Crypto Market Is Down Over 50% from 2018 Highs – CoinDesk

,Lease Profit-Sharing Provision Unenforceable Condition to Assignment in Bankruptcy | Jones Day – JDSupra

,Puerto Rico governor announces public education overhaul

,Puerto Rico oversight board wants changes to island’s fiscal plan

,Cryptocurrency hearing will have SEC, CFTC chiefs trying to juggle allowing innovation with protection against fraud – MarketWatch

,Hess Earnings: Ghosts In The Machine – Bloomberg

,As Bitcoin Bubble Loses Air, Frauds and Flaws Rise to Surface – The New York Times

,Best Buy pulling CDs from stores, and people are upset – Business Insider