News Headlines for Apr 6, 2017

Citi Has an Alternative ‘Big Short’ on Retail – Bloomberg

,Even Under Trump, a U.S. Coal Giant Plots Cautious Comeback Plan – Bloomberg

,[ Press Release ] Fitch: Payless Lifts US Retail Default Rate; Others Expected

,Tilton Ownership Claims to be Tested in Zohar Litigation – WSJ

,How to Keep a Retailer Out of Bankruptcy

,Trump Team Takes Steps to Keep Chinese From Westinghouse – Bloomberg

,The death of brick-and-mortar retail could hit these 9 companies hard in 2017

,Taxi medallions reach lowest value of 21st century | New York Post

,Another NYC taxi bankruptcy, medallion as security for $1.3MM loan from Progressive Credit Union

,Seadrill at the Mercy of Day Traders as Biggest Funds Dump Stock – Bloomberg


,Life Partners Inc. Reorganization Selected as “Chapter 11 Restructuring of the Year”