Casa Casuarina, LLC  Bankruptcy New Filing Alert: Response To The Motion For Relief From The Discharge Injunction Or Entry Of A Final Decree

On December 21, 2015, a response to the motion for relief from the discharge injunction or entry of a final decree was filed in the bankruptcy case of Casa Casuarina, LLC  and its affiliates.

The filing was assigned docket number 684 and is described on the court’s official docket as follows:

The debtor in the above case has filed a Final Report and Motion for Entry of Final Decree. The debtor has certified that the case has been fully administered. Based upon the Debtor’s Final Report, the United States Trustee has no objection to the Court granting the Debtor’s Motion for Final Decree. The Debtor will remain liable for United States Trustee Quarterly Fees for each calendar quarter (or portion thereof) through the date the Final Decree is entered in this case. The United States Trustee reserves the right to seek to have the Final Decree vacated should any United States Trustee Quarterly Fees remain unpaid through date of closing by the court. Filed by U.S. Trustee Office of the US Trustee. (Rodriguez, Ariel) (Entered: 12/21/2015)

Casa Casuarina, LLC  filed for bankruptcy protection, or had an involuntary bankruptcy petition filed against it, on July 1, 2013. The bankruptcy case is pending before the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Florida . The case number for the lead bankruptcy case is 13-25645. The bankruptcy case is currently assigned to United States Bankruptcy Judge Laurel Isicoff. The law firm of Marshall Socarras Grant, P.L.  is acting as lead bankruptcy counsel to Casa Casuarina, LLC  in the bankruptcy case.


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