Liquid Holdings (OTC: LIQD) Files For Bankruptcy, Fitch Reports on Industrial & Manufacturing Bankruptcies

Court Docket (Bankr. D. Del.): Declaration of the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer of Liquid Holdings Group, Inc. in Support of Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Filings

Bloomberg (Background on Liquid Holdings from Sept. 1, 2015): Tech Firm Serving Hedge Funds Shows Perils in Money-Losing IPOs

Liquid Holdings Appears to Have Lost Over 90% of its Customers Between Q3 2014 and the Bankruptcy Filing

Investor Presentation re: Q3 2014

Court Filings

Fitch: Higher-Than-Average Multiples, Stronger Recoveries Amid Industrial/Manufacturing Bankruptcies

Court Docket: Citibank Asserts that Hypnotic Taxi in Default of Cash Collateral Stipulation

Bloomberg: Inside the Plan to Pull Sprint Out of Its Death Spiral

Twice Magazine: Circuit City Set To Return This Spring

Harvest Exchange/Stone Street Advisors LLC: Town Sports & The Sound of Inevitability

Orrick: Oil & Gas Bankruptcy Issues: Part 2 Typical Deal Structures and Financings

Mintz Levin: Third Circuit Court of Appeals Permits Chapter 11 Debtor to Reject Expired CBA

Wall Street Journal: Coming and Going Concerns

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