New Current Report Filed with the SEC Disclosing Occurrence of a Material Impairment: 8-K – MIDDLEBURG FINANCIAL CORP (0000914138) (Filer)

A current report on Form 8-K was just filed with the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) disclosing the occurrence of a material impairment. Details of the current report are:

8-K – MIDDLEBURG FINANCIAL CORP (0000914138) (Filer)
Filed: 2015-12-22 AccNo: 0001002105-15-000141 Size: 23 KB

Item 2.06: Material Impairments
Filing Date: 2015-12-22T16:30:51-05:00

This is a breaking news story. You can access the complete current report through the SEC’s Edgar system: