Native Wholesale Supply Company Bankruptcy New Filing Alert: Order Regarding The Plan Of Reorganization

On November 23, 2015, an order regarding the plan of reorganization was filed in the bankruptcy case of Native Wholesale Supply Company and its affiliates.

The filing was assigned docket number 974 and is described on the court’s official docket as follows:

DISTRICT COURT TEXT ORDER regarding Appeal. CIVIL ACTION CASE NO.: 15-cv-00665-RJA. RULING: Dismissed. TEXT ORDER: On April 20, 2015, when the United States Supreme Court denied the petition for rehearing of its denial of a petition for a writ of certiorari to the Oklahoma Supreme Court for the June 10, 2014 judgment in favor of Oklahoma, see Native Wholesale Supply v. Oklahoma, ex rel. Pruitt, 135 S.Ct. 1888 (2015), the dispute giving rise to the bankruptcy court’s May 16, 2015 Order became moot. See [1], [5]. Accordingly, this appeal of the May 16, 2015 Order is also moot, and is hereby DISMISSED. Because the Court has considered filings of the parties designated with the docket number for this appeal that were docketed only in the docket of the closely-related bankruptcy appeal pending at 15-CV-665, items 6-18 in that docket are hereby incorporated by reference as if fully docketed in this docket. The Court does not address the motion for sanctions filed by Oklahoma at this time, however. Oral argument prior to dismissal was adjourned, and not held, because the Court found it unnecessary pursuant to Fed. R. Bank P. 8019. The Clerk shall terminate the appeal. SO ORDERED. Issued by Hon. Richard J. Arcara on November 19, 2015. (WJG) -CLERK TO FOLLOW UP- Signed on 11/23/2015 . (Pinto, M.)

Native Wholesale Supply Company filed for bankruptcy protection, or had an involuntary bankruptcy petition filed against it, on November 21, 2011. The bankruptcy case is pending before the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of New York . The case number for the lead bankruptcy case is 11-14009. The bankruptcy case is currently assigned to United States Bankruptcy Judge Carl Bucki. The law firm of Gross, Shuman, Brizdle & Gilfillan, P.C. is acting as lead bankruptcy counsel to Native Wholesale Supply Company in the bankruptcy case.


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