Qualteq, Inc. (N.D. Ill.) (d/b/a VCT New Jersey, Inc.) Bankruptcy New Filing Alert: Required Bankruptcy Report Regarding Schedules Of Assets And Liabilities, Statement Of Financial Affairs, Monthly Operating Report Or Other Periodic Report

On April 14, 2015, a required bankruptcy report regarding schedules of assets and liabilities, statement of financial affairs, monthly operating report or other periodic report was filed in the bankruptcy case of Qualteq, Inc. (N.D. Ill.) (d/b/a VCT New Jersey, Inc.) and its affiliates.

The filing was assigned docket number 2241 and is described on the court’s official docket as follows:

U S Trustee Quarterly Fee Statement for Quarter Ending March 31, 2015, Unique Mailing Services, Inc., Case No. 12-05899 Filed by Ryan Dahl on behalf of Fred C Caruso. (Dahl, Ryan)

Qualteq, Inc. (N.D. Ill.) (d/b/a VCT New Jersey, Inc.) filed for bankruptcy protection, or had an involuntary bankruptcy petition filed against it, on August 14, 2011. The bankruptcy case is pending before the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Illinois . The case number for the lead bankruptcy case is 12-05861. The bankruptcy case is currently assigned to United States Bankruptcy Judge Eugene Wedoff. The law firm of Goldstein & McClintock LLC is acting as lead bankruptcy counsel to Qualteq, Inc. (N.D. Ill.) (d/b/a VCT New Jersey, Inc.) in the bankruptcy case.


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