Caesars Entertainment Operating Company, Inc. (Voluntary) (f/k/a Harrah’s Operating Company, Inc.) Bankruptcy New Filing Alert: Order Regarding The Motion For The Joint Administration Of The Debtors’ Cases

On January 15, 2015, an order regarding the motion for the joint administration of the debtors’ cases was filed in the bankruptcy case of Caesars Entertainment Operating Company, Inc. (Voluntary) (f/k/a Harrah’s Operating Company, Inc.) and its affiliates.

The filing was assigned docket number 43 and is described on the court’s official docket as follows:

Order Granting Motion For Joint Administration of Lead Case Caesars Entertainment Operating Company, Inc. (15-01145) with Member Cases(s) 190 Flamingo, LLC (Case No. 15-01263); 3535 LV Corp. (Case No. 15-01146); 3535 LV Parent, LLC (Case No. 15-01149); AJP Holdings, LLC (Case No. 15-01297); AJP Parent, LLC (Case No. 15-01264); B I Gaming Corporation (Case No. 15-01147); Ballys Las Vegas Manager, LLC (Case No. 15-01265); Ballys Midwest Casino, Inc. (Case No. 15-01315); Ballys Park Place, Inc. (Case No. 15-01148); Benco, Inc. (Case No. 15-01152); Biloxi Hammond, LLC (Case No. 15-01156); Biloxi Village Walk Development, LLC (Case No. 15-01208); BL Development Corp. (Case No. 15-01150); Boardwalk Regency Corporation (Case No. 15-01151); BPP Providence Acquisition Company, LLC (Case No. 15-01180); Caesars Air, LLC (Case No. 15-01267); Caesars Baltimore Acquisition Company, LLC (Case No. 15-01268); Caesars Baltimore Development Company, LLC (Case No. 15-01183); Caesars Baltimore Management Company, LLC (Case No. 15-01165); Caesars Entertainment Canada Holding, Inc. (Case No. 15-01158); Caesars Entertainment Finance Corp. (Case No. 15-01153); Caesars Entertainment Golf, Inc. (Case No. 15-01154); Caesars Entertainment Retail, Inc. (Case No. 15-01157); Caesars Entertainment Windsor Limited (Case No. 15-01190); Caesars Escrow Corporation (Case No. 15-01155); Caesars India Sponsor Company, LLC (Case No. 15-01194); Caesars License Company, LLC (Case No. 15-01199); Caesars Marketing Services Corporation (Case No. 15-01203); Caesars Massachusetts Acquisition Company, LLC (Case No. 15-01270); Caesars Massachusetts Development Company, LLC (Case No. 15-01166); Caesars Massachusetts Investment Company, LLC (Case No. 15-01168); Caesars Massachusetts Management Company, LLC (Case No. 15-01170); Caesars New Jersey, Inc. (Case No. 15-01159); Caesars Operating Escrow LLC (Case No. 15-01272); Caesars Palace Corporation (Case No. 15-01161); Caesars Palace Realty Corp. (Case No. 15-01164); Caesars Palace Sports Promotions, Inc. (Case No. 15-01169); Caesars Riverboat Casino, LLC (Case No. 15-01172); Caesars Trex, Inc. (Case No. 15-01171); Caesars United Kingdom, Inc. (Case No. 15-01174); Caesars World Marketing Corporation (Case No. 15-01176); Caesars World Merchandising, Inc. (Case No. 15-01160); Caesars World, Inc. (Case No. 15-01173); California Clearing Corporation (Case No. 15-01177); Casino Computer Programming, Inc. (Case No. 15-01162); CG Services, LLC (Case No. 15-01179); Chester Facility Holding Company, LLC (Case No. 15-01313); Christian County Land Acquisition Company, LLC (Case No. 15-01274); Consolidated Supplies, Services and Systems (Case No. 15-01163); Corner Investment Company Newco, LLC (Case No. 15-01275); Cromwell Manager, LLC (Case No. 15-01276); CZL Development Company, LLC (Case No. 15-01278); CZL Management Company, LLC (Case No. 15-01279); DCH Exchange, LLC (Case No. 15-01281); DCH Lender, LLC (Case No. 15-01282); Des Plaines Development Limited Partnership (Case No. 15-01144); Desert Palace, Inc. (Case No. 15-01167); Durante Holdings, LLC (Case No. 15-01209); East Beach Development Corporation (Case No. 15-01175); FHR Corporation (Case No. 15-01178); FHR Parent, LLC (Case No. 15-01212); Flamingo-Laughlin Parent, LLC (Case No. 15-01216); Flamingo-Laughlin, Inc. (Case No. 15-01219); GCA Acquisition Subsidiary, Inc. (Case No. 15-01181); GNOC, Corp. (Case No. 15-01184); Grand Casinos of Biloxi, LLC (Case No. 15-01221); Grand Casinos of Mississippi, LLC – Gulfport (Case No. 15-01223); Grand Casinos, Inc. (Case No. 15-01186); Grand Media Buying, Inc. (Case No. 15-01187); Harrah South Shore Corporation (Case No. 15-01224); Harrahs Arizona Corporation (Case No. 15-01213); Harrahs Bossier City Investment Company, L.L.C. (Case No. 15-01218); Harrahs Bossier City Management Company, LLC, a Nevada limited liability company (Case No. 15-01220); Harrahs Chester Downs Investment Company, LLC (Case No. 15-01283); Harrahs Chester Downs Management Company, LLC (Case No. 15-01314); Harrahs Illinois Corporation (Case No. 15-01182); Harrahs Interactive Investment Company (Case No. 15-01189); Harrahs International Holding Company, Inc. (Case No. 15-01192); Harrahs Investments, Inc. (Case No. 15-01193); Harrahs Iowa Arena Management, LLC (Case No. 15-01284); Harrahs Management Company (Case No. 15-01195); Harrahs Maryland Heights Operating Company (Case No. 15-01286); Harrahs MH Project, LLC (Case No. 15-01288); Harrahs NC Casino Company, LLC (Case No. 15-01280); Harrahs New Orleans Management Company (Case No. 15-01222); Harrahs North Kansas City LLC (Case No. 15-01266); Harrahs Operating Company Memphis, LLC (Case No. 15-01269); Harrahs Pittsburgh Management Company (Case No. 15-01197); Harrahs Reno Holding Company, Inc. (Case No. 15-01198); Harrahs Shreveport Investment Company, LLC (Case No. 15-01225); Harrahs Shreveport Management Company, LLC (Case No. 15-01185); Harrahs Shreveport/Bossier City Holding Company, LLC (Case No. 15-01188); Harrahs Shreveport/Bossier City Investment Company, LLC (Case No. 15-01262); Harrahs Southwest Michigan Casino Corporation (Case No. 15-01201); Harrahs Travel, Inc. (Case No. 15-01202); Harrahs West Warwick Gaming Company, LLC (Case No. 15-01271); Harveys BR Management Company, Inc. (Case No. 15-01204); Harveys C.C. Management Company, Inc. (Case No. 15-01205); Harveys Iowa Management Company, Inc. (Case No. 15-01206); Harveys Tahoe Management Company, Inc. (Case No. 15-01191); H-BAY, LLC (Case No. 15-01273); HBR Realty Company, Inc. (Case No. 15-01207); HCAL, LLC (Case No. 15-01196); HCR Services Company, Inc. (Case No. 15-01210); HEI Holding Company One, Inc. (Case No. 15-01211); HEI Holding Company Two, Inc. (Case No. 15-01214); HHLV Management Company, LLC (Case No. 15-01277); HIE Holdings Topco, Inc. (Case No. 15-01215); Hole in the Wall, LLC (Case No. 15-01285); Horseshoe Entertainment (Case No. 15-01200); Horseshoe Gaming Holding, LLC (Case No. 15-01227); Horseshoe GP, LLC (Case No. 15-01230); Horseshoe Hammond, LLC (Case No. 15-01232); Horseshoe Shreveport, L.L.C. (Case No. 15-01233); HTM Holding, Inc. (Case No. 15-01217); JCC Holding Company II Newco, LLC (Case No. 15-01287); Koval Holdings Company, LLC (Case No. 15-01289); Koval Investment Company, LLC (Case No. 15-01235); Las Vegas Golf Management, LLC (Case No. 15-1237); Las Vegas Resort Development, Inc. (Case No. 15-01231); Laundry Parent, LLC (Case No. 15-01239); LVH Corporation (Case No. 15-01234); LVH Parent, LLC (Case No. 15-01241); Martial Development Corp. (Case No. 15-01236); Nevada Marketing, LLC (Case No. 15-01290); New Gaming Capital Partnership, a Nevada Limited Partnership (Case No. 15-01244); Ocean Showboat, Inc. (Case No. 15-01238); Octavius Linq Holding Co., LLC (Case No. 15-01246); Parball Corporation (Case No. 15-01240); Parball Parent, LLC (Case No. 15-01248); PH Employees Parent, LLC (Case No. 15-01249); PHW Investments, LLC (Case No. 15-01291); PHW Las Vegas, LLC (Case No. 15-01251); PHW Manager, LLC (Case No. 15-01312); Players Bluegrass Downs, Inc. (Case No. 15-01242); Players Development, Inc. (Case No. 15-01253); Players Holding, LLC (Case No. 15-01255); Players International, LLC (Case No. 15-01292); Players LC, LLC (Case No. 15-01307); Players Maryland Heights Nevada, LLC (Case No. 15-01257); Players Resources, Inc. (Case No. 15-01243); Players Riverboat II, LLC (Case No. 15-01309); Players Riverboat Management, LLC (Case No. 15-01226); Players Riverboat, LLC (Case No. 15-01228); Players Services, Inc. (Case No. 15-01229); Reno Crossroads LLC (Case No. 15-01293); Reno Projects, Inc. (Case No. 15-01245); Rio Development Company, Inc. (Case No. 15-01247); Robinson Property Group Corp. (Case No. 15-01250); Roman Entertainment Corporation of Indiana (Case No. 15-01252); Roman Holding Corporation of Indiana (Case No. 15-01254); Showboat Atlantic City Mezz 1, LLC (Case No. 15-01295); Showboat Atlantic City Mezz 2, LLC (Case No. 15-01296); Showboat Atlantic City Mezz 3, LLC (Case No. 15-01298); Showboat Atlantic City Mezz 4, LLC (Case No. 15-01300); Showboat Atlantic City Mezz 5, LLC (Case No. 15-01302); Showboat Atlantic City Mezz 6, LLC (Case No. 15-01303); Showboat Atlantic City Mezz 7, LLC (Case No. 15-01305); Showboat Atlantic City Mezz 8, LLC (Case No. 15-01306); Showboat Atlantic City Mezz 9, LLC (Case No. 15-01308); Showboat Atlantic City Operating Company, LLC (Case No. 15-01256); Showboat Atlantic City Propco, LLC (Case No. 15-01258); Showboat Holding, Inc. (Case No. 15-01261); Southern Illinois Riverboat/Casino Cruises, Inc. (Case No. 15-01143); Tahoe Garage Propco, LLC (Case No. 15-01310); The Quad Manager, LLC (Case No. 15-01294); TRB Flamingo, LLC (Case No. 15-01299); Trigger Real Estate Corporation (Case No. 15-01259); Tunica Roadhouse Corporation (Case No. 15-01260); Village Walk Construction, LLC (Case No. 15-01304); Winnick Holdings, LLC (Case No. 15-01311); Winnick Parent, LLC (Case No. 15-01301) (Related Doc # [21]). Signed on 1/15/2015. (Ross, Demetrius)

Caesars Entertainment Operating Company, Inc. (Voluntary) (f/k/a Harrah’s Operating Company, Inc.) filed for bankruptcy protection, or had an involuntary bankruptcy petition filed against it, on January 15, 2015. The bankruptcy case is pending before the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Illinois . The case number for the lead bankruptcy case is 15-01145. The bankruptcy case is currently assigned to United States Bankruptcy Judge A. Benjamin Goldgar. The law firm of Kirkland & Ellis LLP is acting as lead bankruptcy counsel to Caesars Entertainment Operating Company, Inc. (Voluntary) (f/k/a Harrah’s Operating Company, Inc.) in the bankruptcy case.


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