Penson Worldwide & Affiliates, Including Nexa Technologies, File for Chapter 11 Protection in Delaware on Friday

Penson Worldwide (Ticker: PNSN) and a number of affiliates voluntarily filed for chapter 11 protection in Wilmington, Delaware on Friday. According to the companies’ website, their businesses include:

Penson Worldwide, Inc. is a provider of clearing and clearing related operational and technology services, principally through its operating subsidiaries Nexa Technologies, Inc., Penson Financial Services Canada Inc., and other companies, and its investment in Apex Clearing Holdings LLC.

Nexa Technologies, Inc. provides powerful trading platforms, connectivity and market data to more than 100 retail and professional brokerage firms and banks throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Visit:

Penson Financial Services Canada Inc. is a leading independent clearing firm in Canada. Visit:

Apex Clearing Corporation is an independent, privately held clearing services firm in the US with the capital position and enhanced leadership, technology, and risk management expertise necessary to provide ongoing, sustained support of its customers’ clearing needs. Visit:

A copy of Penson Worldwide’s chapter 11 petition is embedded below.

[docstoc docId=”141426113″ mId=”29224525″ width=”575″ height=”600″ slideMode=”false” showRelatedDocs=”false” showOtherDocs=”false” allowdownload=”true” url=””]Penson Worldwide Petition[/docstoc]

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