Largest Unsecured Creditors of THQ Inc.

As we reported earlier today (see: for details), THQ Inc. (NASDAQ: THQI) filed for chapter 11 protection today with plans to sell its assets to affiliates of Clearlake Capital Group. Taken from bankruptcy court filings, here are the largest unsecured creditors of THQ and its affiliates on a consolidated basis:

1. Wilmington Trust, N.A. (as Indenture Trustee for 5% Notes Due 2014): $101.9 million
2. World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. (WWE): $45.1 million (trade debt)
3. Yuke’s Co. Ltd.: $17.8 million (trade debt)
4. Mattel Inc.: $12.8 million (trade debt, listed as contingent)
5. Viacom International, Inc.: $10 million (trade debt, listed as contingent)
6. JAKKS Pacific Inc.: $4 million (settlement)
7. Microsoft Licensing, Inc.: $2.9 million (trade debt)
8. Starcom Mediavest Group Inc.: $2.6 million (trade debt)
9. ZUFFA, LLC: $1.9 million (trade debt)
10. Technicolor Payments: $1.7 million (trade debt)
11. Pipeworks Software: $1.1 million (trade debt, listed as contingent and disputed)
12. Sony Pictures Television: $794,000 (trade debt, listed as contingent and disputed)
13. Lucasfilm Ltd.: $267,000 (trade debt)
14. Acquia, Inc.: $251,000 (trade debt)
15. Binari Sonori S.R.L.: $245,000 (trade debt)

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