Valence Technology’s 20 Largest Unsecured Creditors

As noted in our earlier post (which you can find by clicking this link), Valence Technology, Inc. filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection earlier today in Texas. As part of its court filings, Valence was required to list its largest unsecured creditors. Below are the creditors which Valence listed as its 20 largest:

  1. Tianjin Lishen Battery Joint: $4.13 million of trade debt
  2. [An Individual, Name Removed]: a $3.02 million loan
  3. Krieg, Keller, Sloan & Reilly: $653,000 in professional fees
  4. Amperex Technology Limited: $127,000 of trade debt
  5. Kuehne & Nagel Logistics NV: $119,000 in professional fees
  6. PMB Hellin Donovan, LLP: $66,000 in professional fees
  7. McGinnis, Lochridge & Kilgore LLP: $37,000 in professional fees
  8. Kraus & Weisert: $28,000 in professional fees
  9. Insight Direct: $27,000 of trade debt
  10. Next Innovation, Inc.: $25,000 (basis unknown)
  11. Kuehne & Nagel, Inc: $21,000 in professional fees
  12. Host Analytics, Inc.: $17,000 of trade debt
  13. Pope, Shamsle & Dooley LLP: $15,000 in professional fees
  14. Metal Conversion Tech, LLC: $13,000 of trade debt
  15. Ghedi International, Inc.: $13,000 of trade debt
  16. National Depo: $12,000 related to litigation
  17. [An Individual, Name Removed]: $12,000 in expenses
  18. McFadden Fincham: $11,000 in professional fees
  19. Kim & Chang: $11,000 in professional fees
  20. Unisiti – Shanghai Symphony Telecom Co., Ltd.: $9,000 of trade debt

 VLNC Chart

VLNC data by YCharts

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